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Since 2008, Paul has served as President Nasheed’s top adviser on international communications, helping to position the President as a globally recognised champion of the environment. President Nasheed’s extraordinary story is captured in the award-winning documentary, The Island President.


In the run-up to the Copenhagen climate summit in 2009, the Maldives made headlines around the world by holding an underwater cabinet meeting – highlighting the dangers of sea level rise to this low-lying island nation.



Jonathan has over fifteen years’ experience helping organisations and their leaders better engage with, and influence, governments and international bodies. His work ranges from devising advocacy strategies for some of the world's best-known NGOs, to providing communications support to Heads of State, top UN officials and other leaders.



Roberts+Rich has extensive experience writing speeches and opinion articles on behalf of leading international figures, including more than half a dozen Heads of Government, top United Nations leaders and some of the world's most respected political and diplomatic figures.